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Methadone is a heavily regulated drug that is used to treat addiction and cravings. It is so strictly regulated that patients who are prescribed Methadone in an outpatient setting must visit a clinic every day to receive their dose. It is a highly potent opiate with potentially addictive properties. Because they have a history of Opioid dependency, people who begin using Methadone to overcome their Heroin addiction are at a higher risk of abuse. In fact, some addicts prefer Methadone as their primary drug of choice. Methadone abuse occurs when someone uses more than what they are prescribed or when they use it without a prescription.

Methadone does not produce the same euphoric effects as heroin or morphine because it is intended to do the opposite; the drug is designed to block the pleasurable sensations produced by other Opiates. If a person receiving Methadone tries to get high by using Heroin, the Methadone will block the euphoric effects of the Heroin (and of all other Opioids). Methadone, on the other hand, has some euphoric effects. They are limited, but they are significant enough that the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration has stated that Methadone users are not "fit to drive" due to Methadone side effects.

Sedation, euphoria, decreased reaction time and attention span, drowsiness, droopy eyelids, dry mouth, muscle weakness, decreased body temperature and blood pressure, and little to no reaction to light are some of the side effects of methadone. Methadone can produce an actual "high" in high doses. The euphoric effects can also be amplified through administration methods such as intravenous use.

What Exactly Is Lortab?

Lortab is a pain reliever that ranges from mild to severe. Lortab contains the active ingredients acetaminophen and hydrocodone. Acetaminophen, also known by the brand name Tylenol, is a common medication used to treat mild pain and fevers. Hydrocodone is also used to relieve pain, but unlike Acetaminophen, it is an Opioid, so it is the more potent ingredient in Lortab and has the potential to cause overdose and addiction. Lortab contains acetaminophen, which merely enhances the pain-relieving effects of hydrocodone. Lortab's chemical structure is similar to that of Vicodin, another hydrocodone-based pain reliever.

Lortab works in the same way that most other opioid-based medications do. When a Lortab pill is taken, the hydrocodone binds to opioid receptors in the brain and nervous system. This causes the release of dopamine and other neurotransmitters, which dull pain sensations and cause euphoria. Lortab is an effective pain reliever when used correctly. However, it also raises the possibility of abuse. If Lortab is abused, people can become addicted to its effects. As a result, Lortab is classified as a Schedule III controlled substance in the United States, making it illegal to use or possess it without a prescription.

Is Lortab Dependent?

Lortab is not well-known for its addictive properties, but Lortab addiction is possible. About 5% of people who receive a prescription for Lortab or another Opioid-based medication will abuse it and risk developing an addiction. A person who receives a Lortab prescription can avoid addiction by taking the medication exactly as prescribed.

When a person takes Lortab beyond the limits of a prescription and becomes tolerant to its effects, they can develop Lortab dependence. Once this happens, a person may take even more Lortab to continue to feel sedated and euphoric. Someone who becomes tolerant to the effects of Lortab might also experiment with other Opioids, either prescribed or Synthetic, and may start to depend on Opioids to feel normal and stable. Opioid dependence can progress to addiction. A person who is addicted to Lortab or any other Opioid will exhibit chronic Opioid abuse despite significant physical and psychological consequences. Furthermore, they will compulsively use Opioids to avoid withdrawal.

suboxone dr online
suboxone dr online