Which one is better: Suboxone strips or tablet

Which one is better: Suboxone strips (also known as Suboxone films) or Suboxone pills (also known as Suboxone tablets)

Although Suboxone is usually in the form of a film (strips), generic buprenorphine/naloxone is also available in tablet form (pills). Suboxone films/strips and tablets/pills are equally effective in treating opioid use disorder symptoms such as cravings, withdrawal, and overdose prevention. Films and tablets are of same strength, and neither is superior to the other.

Insurance companies frequently specify which formulation is covered (films vs tablets), hence dictating the type of prescription. A handful of important points: Suboxone tablets are frequently less expensive than Suboxone films, which is crucial to note for patients who pay for their prescription out of pocket.

Patients may claim that one tastes better than the other, although this preference is highly personal.

At the end of the day, both pills and tablets can help with recovery. Which one you choose will be a joint decision between you and your doctor, based on your medical history and what is covered by your insurance.

suboxone clinic
suboxone clinic